Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodbye Expensive, Hello Affordables

Today was a good day. I felt really comfortable today in this affordable outfit below. Comfortable because of how affordable it was and because of how it felt on me. Thanks to Old Navy & Steve Madden :D
I purchased a brown and navy colored shirtdress (perfect for summer weekends and work week too), and I scored a pair of Steve Madden wedges in a color that goes well with BOTH my navy and brown shirtdresses from Old Navy. I can barely contain my excitement over these finds!
I'd never really been an Old Navy fan 'til this last year alone, where I quickly realized that if I wanted to afford my handbags and small leather goods *needs*, I'd have to compensate somewhere - so I did! Goodbye Nordstrom, Hello Nordstrom Rack! Goodbye Saks Fifth, Hello Off 5th (Saks Outlet to those that don't know..), Goodbye regularly priced Anthropologie, Hello back clearance section inside Anthropologie...and sales on Anthropologie dot com. Otherwise, off I go to Old Navy...and the clothes I find are just as comfy plus I can save more for my future "bag fund", right? ;P

^ Old Navy Shirtdress in Bradley Brown and Goodnight Nora (navy), $29.50,
click HERE to buy online or go to your nearest Old Navy this weekend! ;P

^ Steve Madden Quinne Wedges in Cognac LE, $89.95, but I got mine on sale for $70.00!!
Click HERE to shop online - or - go to your local Macy's to get sale price & save :D

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