Thursday, July 30, 2009

LV Budget $650 (USD)

*for k.
a friend of mine inspired this post. a friend of hers has a handbag budget of $650.00 usd. what, at LV, would you be able to purchase - handbags wise - around that price range. and in monogram canvas?
i could dream up various combos (slg's, clutches, handbag, etc.) ;p but for practicality, functionality, convenience and price range in handbags, here is what i came up with. let me know if there's something else that can be added to this LV dream list. *sigh*

^ The Neverfull Collection comes in 3 sizes.
GM is Grande Model, the largest Neverfull size; MM is Medium Model; PM is Petite Model. GM is a great size for most, however, PM is a great size for those who aren't into ginormous handbag totes, and for those that carry lightly daily...

^ Neverfull PM.
Currently $650 USD. I say "currently" because LV does price increase approximately 3x per year. Measures 11.2" x 8.6" x 5.1". Open top with dog leash closure and side cinching for extra security and versatility. Cotton canvas lining with a huge inside zip pocket which can hold makeup, keys, cell, odds & ends.

^ Odeon PM. $715.00.
$75 more than budget, here is another option. Secure top zip closure, sleek messenger style shoulder bag, one outide flat pocket to slide loose paper, inside patch and cell phone pocket. This is the smallest size of the Odeon line. Adjustable straps are a plus.
Measurements 11.4" x 10.2" x 2".

^ Odeon GM size retails at $1,100.00 USD.
I placed a pic comparison to show size difference between PM & GM.

^ Montorguiel PM, $800 USD.
When this adorable LV named after a trendy bohemian-chic community in Paris, France first came out, it was retailed at $750 I think? Can't remember. But for $150 more in budget, this could be a forever til death departs you bag..

^ Eva Clutch (can also be used as a daily purse). $550 USD.

Measurements 10" x 5.1" x 1. 8". Can be carried short over shoulder with chain, or cross body with Vachette strap. Strap is removable. It seems tiny, but this clutch purse can hold a small wallet or a small coin pouch, keys, makeup, cell. Daily essentials.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Memorable Shopping Day (^_^)!

among our little crew, two happen to be the best behaved little shopaholics in training ;P they were patient, completely interested in everything we looked at, tried on, whined about wanting.
the two girls (codename "chicktucky" *their codenames the boys gave for reasons unknown?*) kept themselves preoccupied window shopping with us
*thanx for the ADORABLE pics you took that day, K!*

my lil sis asked dad & [my stepma] for a Louis Vuitton accessoires purse/pouch *gasp*
i took her to LV & showed her the pouch (as i looked in store for my own selfish reasons)..
but now my lil' sis is HOOKED on LV and wants one for her bday. ouch for dad's bank account huh?

i spy chicktucky at peete's coffee :D

Moving on..
look what i scored at target by mossimo?? puffy sleeved cardigan (on sale!)

The Sweetheart Wide Leg Dark Wash Trouser Jeans at Old Navy

On sale, $7.99 each,
Jersey Ruffled Tanks at Old Navy in purple.

course i had to have it in this color..

a white ruffled jersey knit tank from old navy. sale is the code word!

had to have this color too (blue ink)

and of course love to wear my comfy havanias flip flops in sand gold OR graphite depending on tops.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Black n' Berry..

...and all colors inbetween. just more of my WANTS list.
hey, isn't Christmas almost right around the corner? ;)

^ Berry Brushed Twill Trenchcoat by Tulle Clothing, was $89.00, now $66.75, HERE!

^ Berry Brushed Twill Coat Dress by Tulle, $58.49 <-- sale yay!

^ Christian Louboutin *girlsigh* ..want these SOO bad. I must go on bag ban now.

^ T-Strap Maryjanes in Taupe-1950's Retro Pin-up style pumps, $49.00

^ Black Brushed Twill Coat Dress by Tulle, $58.00

^ Black Retro Ruffled Sundress by Lucy Love, $56.00

^ Mustard South Maryjanes by Southwest, $49.00

^ lOve these shoes!
Ruffled T-Strap Maryjanes in Red, 1950's Retro Style Pumps, $49.00 (fits true to your size!)

discovering Tulle clothing line.

I'm falling in love with Tulle vintage inspired clothing at this awesome local boutique near me, as well as Treesje's handbags and clutches. When does cycle ever end ;)

Linen Double Breasted Jacket. Avacado. On Sale, $47.20

click HERE for more info.

^also comes in Lilac

^but I prefer it in Avacado.

my VERY random WANTS.

it may be hard to picture this lingerie set w/the pumps, but somehow in my random thinking (inside my head), i feel like this would make a CUTE outfit, walking around your house in the heat of summer hell just for fun. trade in the flip flops, shorts n' tee or tank for this, for just one day. while your boyfriend is visiting, staying over, *helping* around the house?
i just love this, it's a fun piece :) perfect for your next 4th of july bbq in your backyard!!

i lOve this purple trenchcoat. i want, want, want it! and it's on sale. at plasticland!

i. need. these. cute vintage looking maryjane pumps.

i'm a sucker for cute summer dresses that remind me of the kinds of dresses i wore at nine years old :)

this high heeled open toe platform patent pump in this seagreen color looks hideous maybe by itself, but i think it'd look sexy with a cute top, skinny black jeans or tights and voila. i die for these too. well, not die for them. they're $42.00. i can budget for them :)

i would lOve to have these types of platforms in all colors available.
of course i'm loving this Treesje Turner Bag in pumpkin i think is the color?

i decided i want this vintage style button up jacket too. would look SO cute w/dark wash jeans and either cranberry flats, OR, black flats.

again, another summer dress i love that i could wear now, but is reminiscent of my childhood days. just love that vintage look..
for summer.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Treesje Possessed o_0

In my previous post, I rambled on about my new lOve for Treesje's London Grande in crinkled black patent, except at the time, I had only found images of Lipstick (pictured below). I lOve the gunmetal studs on the Lipstick hue, but I love the crinkled black patent soo much, that the gold studs don't really phase me.

So this evening, I found images on a handbag site featuring the color I did buy!! London Grande in Crinkled Black Patent :D

^ Back of London Grande has a zipper in back which fits my cell phone, antibac, pens & my keys.

^ Front side with studs (eventually grew on me), has one inside zipper which holds a small notebook, small lotion, pens... small essentials.

^ There are 3 Main compartments which are spacious and functional. The outer 2 zippered compartments also has additional patch pockets for cell phone & pda, and also has 2 inside zip compartments for odds & ends.

^ Interesting fact: Inside lining is made of Bengaline Silk & was fashionable for women & children's clothing in the late 19th century. I love the contrasting color of lining against black exterior.

Bengaline silk is a woven material which became fashionable for women and children to wear in the 1880s and 1890s. It offered the impression of genuine silk but was actually made with lesser amounts of silk than cotton. Lizzie Borden stated at her December 1892 inquest that she was wearing a dress made of bengaline silk on the morning she was accused of murdering her father and stepmother.
The fabric tended to go out of fashion when completely smooth-surfaced materials became popular.
Pique, coachman's whipcord, diagonal serge, and surah are similar to bengaline silk. Surah was once know in France as silk serge.
Bengaline silk sold for $2.50 per yard in 1889 but was sometimes discounted to sell for $1.25 per yard. A heavy lined, long cloak for infants, with deep bengaline silk embroidery, retailed for $7.98 at a
Manhattan, New York clothing shop, in 1893. Diagonal striped dresses featuring the fabric were popular in the spring of 1912.

^ Although I'm aware that this isn't the most gorgeous treesje handbag, and the gold studs seem so bright and flashy... they do blend with casual outfits well enough for day to day. The crinkled patent leather is just lOve, lOve, lOve-crush to me. Just - To Diiiiieee For!

^ I've discovered something dangerous ==> Treesje!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Splendour In The Bags..

a novel.
So I guess the title of this post is in memory of Natalie Wood's birthday week, and my favorite movie of all time, Splendour In The Grass ;)
Anyway, I've been sucked back into the world of handbags, wanting - I mean - needing a new one for.. functionality :) I let go of the thought of owning the much desired (by me) GUCCI Interlocking Medium Boston Bag because it's not as functional as I need it to be. It's a satchel that you can only carry by hand or at the crook of your arm, and the biggest reason of all? The hefty price tag. I'd feel bad after the fact that it's only been almost a year since I purchased my beloved LV Multicolor Speedy 30.
Moving on. So recently, I've learned a lot about Mulberry, more specifically the Bayswater in Crimson Spazzalato. Spazzalato leather is similar to patent leather, except it's not coated with a glossy finish, it's more of a matte patent type leather. Crimson is absolutely gorgeous in person, extremely light weight and when I came across the Crimson Bayswater at my local department store not too long ago, on sale but all beat up, I was determined to find one online for the same sale price, but not beat up.. and also to learn more about the type of leather in general.
As much as I'd wanted to add Crimson Spazz to my collection, I decided against it mainly because of reviews I'd read on it being very much high maintenance. I want a bag I can use day in, day out, and not just once in a while. Especially at the price it's going for. Who wants to spend over XXX amount on a handbag and not be able to use it? Not me.
This is the gorgeous (to me) Spazzalato Crimson Bayswater by Mulberry. :( Almost purchased. :*(

Now on to the bag I recently brought home, at 60% off retail, and half the price of Mulberry's Bayswater Crimson Spazz, I'm SO excited about this one! It's the London Grande (pictured here in the color Lipstick).

I purchased Black Crinkled Patent (pictures of my London Grande Black Patent will be posted soon), and it's lOve, lOve, lOve.

It's by Treesje and is everything I've been searching for (except the gold clutter of studs): crinkled patent leather; contrasting lining (I hate black exterior and black interior-I'm clausterphobic like that); 6 different zippered pockets/separate compartments makes it very functional and still lightweight; can be carried by hand or over the shoulder; extremely lightweight, OH and did I mention that it's super lightweight?

The only thing different I'd like to have changed on my Black Patent is the color of the studs. Pictured above, Lipstick London Grande looks like the studs are Gunmetal right? Well on Black Patent it's..Gold. It's kind of a drawback, but at 60% off and perfect to me everything else, it was well worth the splurge :) I'm happy. You're happy. Or not. But still, everybody around me will be happy ;p

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fall Trunk Show, Outfit Me? ;)

A few chic friends are helping me with ideas on what to wear to something I have no idea how to dress for. It's my first time at a place like this, it'll be exciting but not if I'm not feeling "confident" in dress.
So, thanks girls for all your help. I love all the ideas. I've got a week and a half to come up with something.
I'm really loving the high heels with skirt and wide belt idea too..but also am torn between the maxi look with wedges..

Thanks for these, T :)

I'll be obsessing over outfits the next week or so. Deadline (Thursday night, July 23) :P

D, I love how you've incorporated the wedges and a similar cardigan I do own! I would love to wear my wedges to that thing..I just have to find a nicer type of maxi dress..Thanks for this! I love my mc speedy 30 too :)