Monday, August 17, 2009

COACH Leah in CeCe Fabric! Eeek!!

*Images below are not my own, but borrowed from, and a couple coach ebay listings. my camera recently broke. Until it gets fixed, or I can borrow a camera, this'll have to do. Later I will replace images w/my own - and with more detailed pics - promise. I was just too ecstatic not to share this wonderful bag. :D*

COACH, Kate Spade & Rebecca Minkoff.
It's a push n' pull love/hate relationship. For the last ten years I've probably fell in and out of love with these brands about a hundred times ;P These brands always seem to come up with something better every other year. I thought I was OVER Kate Spade a couple years ago, but there she goes with her ready to wear fall 2009 collection. Now COACH with their new line of wallets (I'm in love with the yellow slim envelope wallet too). RM has all these SLG goodies and I still cannot get the Deep Red Beau out of my head, which is still on sale at Muse Ten in SF!

Although the color looks neon bright, it's the perfect color for spring and summer - or even fall. It's a great shade, and is fun and comfortable to wear all around town. Love that the Coach Leah in CeCe Canvas pictured above is spacious; functional; with plenty of pockets for organization inside and out; can hold plenty without appearing overly stuffed. It has a detachable strap which can be worn comfortable over the shoulders, or cross body and can also be adjusted. Additional tote handles with natural vachette piping and handles add a nice contrast to this tote.

A good, generous, kind, loving, sweet and fellow handbag fanatic friend of mine I've known for years, gave me the most awesome gift EVER! I still canNOT believe she gave me this!*&^%$#! for my early bday gift!!!! She spoils me so. She also is the one who treated me to my spa day (early bday gift) last Saturday, and I'm so greatful to her ;)

*image above borrowed from, is the COACH Leah in Pink CeCe Canvas

^ pictures just do not do this COACH tote justice!! it's cute, pretty, functional, roomy - and just all around the best (to me) COACH bag i'd owned in the longest time (thanx K! i lOve lOve lOve it!&*^%#!!)

^ it also comes in the legacy stripes line seen above..this is cute too. but i just LOVE my pink one SO much (it's my color) - and i bought a matching 1920's vintage style hat to go with it too :)

(K, did i say thank you yet???!!!!)

XOXO, - Nine

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Retro Glam by Milly.

Not vintage, but close enough for me.
Love the look of the peacock feather print dress in gold and mocha, the ruffled sleeves in brown silk, the petrol blue ruffle collar coat - Gorgeous!! I need these. I truly do :)
Found it HERE.

The Elongated Trifold Wallet by Juicy Couture

lOve this wallet. Saw it IRL in a plum/aged deep purple color, and it was lovely, functional and all that jazz. It's love. What's with this current small leather goods phase?? Hrrmmm, Can I splurge on it?? We shall see! (...runs to do budget) ;P

Click there ==> to purchase: Elongated Trifold Wallet by Juicy Couture, Leather, $128, Colors Shown - Antique Boutique (Blue Hue), and Chocolate

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Future Shopaholic??

...Or playing dress up inside boutique only?

my lil' sis. future shopaholic? or future diva in the making? j/k.
she's her own stylist though.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kate Spade Fall 2009 Ready To Wear

(Get this look HERE.)

^ i really love this one ^ (Get this look HERE.)

i really LOVE this one too.

(Get this look HERE.)

(Must have this outfit - and pink vintage phone! Get this look HERE.)

( get this look HERE.)

Ruffles, Polka Dots & Tights. lOve it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

hey benjamin, the suga daddy!

Really? So, it's not all about the...

hrmm. wonder if it's worth filling this gorgeous teal rebecca minkoff pouch with a small stash of washingtons for a little while ;P

oh how it'd be nice to have one of these sometime..

(of course i mean the POUCH!) the sleek rebecca minkoff "sugar daddy" pouch in this beautiful soft leather :)
anyway, i shouldn't be window shopping HERE, but i was too tempted and this is STILL on my wants list :)
sorry. forgive my dark humor. i will sleep now. END NOTE.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

K8's Spades.

kate spade handbags? not anymore. kate spade ready to wear? yes ;)

^ i spy chicken kentucky inside kate spade boutique ;p

^ love how the kate spade boutique carries vintage books with brand new library type sleeves..

^ well okay this one is from the holiday collection ;)

This is SO cute!! For July 4th, I love it!! Haven't you ever been in the head to toe spirited type of mood? Sometimes it's fun to just get decked out for whatever holiday, and I'm keeping note of this ensemble for 07/04/2010 :D

I found this outfit perusing here.