Wednesday, March 10, 2010

dance in america.

dance in america: ny export opus jazz film
premiering on pbs, wednesday, march 24 at 8pm

watch the trailer, lOve their style:

(thanks for this chuck! i'll def. be watching it)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


i'm not really looking to buy a new bag, but i've been stalking a few..and saving pennies (literally) for one near my bday though ;)
in the meantime, i'm taking my time looking for that perfect one to purchase. i've been lOving this burberry bag pictured below for the longest time. i can see it being well used during summer, fall, winter and spring.
but i've also been lOving louis vuitton's newest monogram canvas tote/shoulder bag: the stresa. i love the larger version, but not the price...who does?!
i've noticed since it's hit LV boutiques all around - it's the most common bag i've seen in just the last few weeks. every starbucks or target trip i make it seems like i see one of these LV stresa's being toted around. so that's something to consider. other than that, i don't like the strap you have to unbuckle just to get to zippered part...before you can actually get into the bag. that's not very functional is it. so why'd they design it that way? for the look of it? well it does look nice with that extra wide vachette strip, but still. don't think it's very functional.
what do YOU think?
Burberry Bridle House Check Tote, $1595.00 USD
lOve everything about this bag. the size, the look, the feel, the color - abolutely everything! well, except the price ;)
Louis Vuitton Stresa in sizes PM and GM, $1360.00 and $1520.00 USD

^ inside of LV Stresa.
(the first reason why i wouldn't purchase this: the annoyance of having to unbuckle top strap to be able to unzip bag to then open!)
that'd just be ultra frustrating..
wouldn't have the patience.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

if i had a...uh,


thank goodness there is such a thing as premium outlet shopping centers. it doesn't make sense to buy adorably cute baby clothes anywhere else (except target and/or walmart of course). babies grow too quickly, by the time you buy one size of shoes, dress or pj's - they're ready to fit into the next size up 2-3 weeks later.
but why in the world am i even talking about baby clothes (no, family, i'm not prego!!) - think my biological clock is ticking though. i'm finding myself paying more and more attention to babies wherever i go: grocery store, pharmacy, everywhere! and everytime, i'm saying inside, "i want one!" ;)
then i start to daydream. oh no, why is that baby barefooted? it's so cold! didn't the mother have time to put on little booties? oh gosh, look at that hair! or, oh my, that outfit looks one size too small - or - yeah, get the picture? i just want one of my very own to...have. one day. soon? ;) kidding. sort of.
anyway, really, this whole thing started when i was obsessing over a certain bag, or bags by burberry and some by kate spade (i know, i thought i kicked the kate spade bag love a while back but she keeps drawing me in with her new designs!!)
and somehow i saw this tote: the burberry haymarket tote bag. i thought it was a cute tote, but started to compare it to one i really wanted: the bridle housecheck shoulder bag. it's so gorgeous! anyway, i thought compared to the bridle housecheck shoulder bag, the haymarket tote bag was cute, but more to use as a baby bag. that's when i started getting these ideas. i started to roam into the burberry children's wear part of website - and how CUTE are the clothes!! i wouldn't buy it full price/retail - i'd wait to buy these clothes at the burberry outlet - if, well when, i have a little baby to spoil!! :D

^ burberry security lamb blankie toy. so cute.

^ burberry peacoat. i would DEFINITELY dress my future little girl in this adorable little peacoat! awwwwww, i SO love it!! the style, the color - everything!

^ burberry dress. oh my gawsh. i have to have this for a future little girl.!

sigh. burberry dress (again)..

and.....UGG maryjanes, so warm and fuzzy looking - perfect for little baby girls at wintertime, don't you think??

^ i thought these cute little things would be $100 (USD) and was so shocked to see they are only $50!! that'd be SOOO worth it - and even more so if it's 20-40% off at a burberry outlet store right? :D

^ and of course i'd use the haymarket tote as a baby bag... ;)

^ or a kate spade baby bag. how cute!!

.... i want one!!!!! (whining voice).

just noticed..

spring...can't wait for spring! and summer. i'm SO OVER this winter wind, rain and cold. it's so cold now. thank goodness for nice, hot tea - and to looking fwd to a nice spring & summer too ;)