Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Memorable Shopping Day (^_^)!

among our little crew, two happen to be the best behaved little shopaholics in training ;P they were patient, completely interested in everything we looked at, tried on, whined about wanting.
the two girls (codename "chicktucky" *their codenames the boys gave for reasons unknown?*) kept themselves preoccupied window shopping with us
*thanx for the ADORABLE pics you took that day, K!*

my lil sis asked dad & [my stepma] for a Louis Vuitton accessoires purse/pouch *gasp*
i took her to LV & showed her the pouch (as i looked in store for my own selfish reasons)..
but now my lil' sis is HOOKED on LV and wants one for her bday. ouch for dad's bank account huh?

i spy chicktucky at peete's coffee :D

Moving on..
look what i scored at target by mossimo?? puffy sleeved cardigan (on sale!)

The Sweetheart Wide Leg Dark Wash Trouser Jeans at Old Navy

On sale, $7.99 each,
Jersey Ruffled Tanks at Old Navy in purple.

course i had to have it in this color..

a white ruffled jersey knit tank from old navy. sale is the code word!

had to have this color too (blue ink)

and of course love to wear my comfy havanias flip flops in sand gold OR graphite depending on tops.


  1. cuteness! look at them w/ their purses!

  2. This is so cute! Love the ruffle tops, but the pics of your family are my favorite!

  3. Holy cow Nattie! Your mini-you's are adorable! SO cute! ;)

    ps. I love your posts.... Too bad I can't buy any of your suggestions... :(