Monday, January 11, 2010

Life Will Be Perfect When.. (part 1)

i can add the following pieces to my wardrobe, as well as all the vintage vogue ads to be framed throughout my bathroom wall :D

above, all anthropologie pieces.

1957 vogue ad
lil' black dresses..
...with a pop of pink tights at kate spade boutiques.

1945 Vogue ad

1950's fashions, vintage vogue ad

late 1800's fashion sketches.

in-a-moment dress at anthropologie, $118

gulliver's blouse, $278, anthropologie

jana harringbone trousers, $128, anthropologie (again)

longing for yellow dress, $158, (again, again) ;)

kate spade brown tweed coat,

^ vintage vogue ad.
ugh, that's it. i must go to anthropologie during lunch tomorrow. maybe i'll find something really cool in their sale section! :D


  1. I can see you in every single one of those! They are so cute! I hope you find something at Antrhopologie. :)