Thursday, March 4, 2010


i'm not really looking to buy a new bag, but i've been stalking a few..and saving pennies (literally) for one near my bday though ;)
in the meantime, i'm taking my time looking for that perfect one to purchase. i've been lOving this burberry bag pictured below for the longest time. i can see it being well used during summer, fall, winter and spring.
but i've also been lOving louis vuitton's newest monogram canvas tote/shoulder bag: the stresa. i love the larger version, but not the price...who does?!
i've noticed since it's hit LV boutiques all around - it's the most common bag i've seen in just the last few weeks. every starbucks or target trip i make it seems like i see one of these LV stresa's being toted around. so that's something to consider. other than that, i don't like the strap you have to unbuckle just to get to zippered part...before you can actually get into the bag. that's not very functional is it. so why'd they design it that way? for the look of it? well it does look nice with that extra wide vachette strip, but still. don't think it's very functional.
what do YOU think?
Burberry Bridle House Check Tote, $1595.00 USD
lOve everything about this bag. the size, the look, the feel, the color - abolutely everything! well, except the price ;)
Louis Vuitton Stresa in sizes PM and GM, $1360.00 and $1520.00 USD

^ inside of LV Stresa.
(the first reason why i wouldn't purchase this: the annoyance of having to unbuckle top strap to be able to unzip bag to then open!)
that'd just be ultra frustrating..
wouldn't have the patience.


  1. As you may be able to guess...I always think Burberry. :) I'm SO in love with Burberry...sigh. :)

    I do agree, though, the buckle on the LV would probably end up bothering me. :)

  2. ...i do love the burberry. forget the stresa, i've found a new speedy to love in SF yesterday. but i refuse to look it up on website ;)