Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Alice Q. Scarf

Come fall, I want these wrapped around my neck. The colors are gorgeous. With jeans, cute top, cute wedges or flats...lOve, lOve, lOve. Can't wait til summer is over - now!

^ Alice Q. Scarf in Crinkle Teal, $58.00

^ Alice Q. scarf in Royal Blue Fusion, $58.00

click HERE to see all possible colors :)


  1. omg, the teal is tugging at my heart strings...

  2. ^ i know me too!! it'd really match RM's teal nikki *sighh*. but i'm glad to know about the thinning leather on the teal nikki from t because it makes me feel better about crossing teal nikki off my fall bags lust list: narrows my choices to wine nikki only :P