Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cloud Of Greys.

I Need These...!*&^%$#!

Carmen Trench
Full "Skirt"
3/4 Sleeve
Belted Waist
Bow in back of trench
Isn't it Loverly?
For Spring...

^ Back view of Carmen Trench.
Found it HERE

Atmosphere Dress

Daila Pumps by Jessica Simpson
On Sale at Macy's
These pumps in a Burgundy Red would look gorgeous with this outfit too though..


  1. I like the coat! Not too bad of a price either. :)

  2. I guess considering that coats at Dept. stores could be a whole lotta $$, it's not a bad price for a trench I'd actually wear come spring and fall right? (Justifying this purchase in my head) ;P

  3. I like it too! That's a good price :)