Monday, July 13, 2009

Fall Trunk Show, Outfit Me? ;)

A few chic friends are helping me with ideas on what to wear to something I have no idea how to dress for. It's my first time at a place like this, it'll be exciting but not if I'm not feeling "confident" in dress.
So, thanks girls for all your help. I love all the ideas. I've got a week and a half to come up with something.
I'm really loving the high heels with skirt and wide belt idea too..but also am torn between the maxi look with wedges..

Thanks for these, T :)

I'll be obsessing over outfits the next week or so. Deadline (Thursday night, July 23) :P

D, I love how you've incorporated the wedges and a similar cardigan I do own! I would love to wear my wedges to that thing..I just have to find a nicer type of maxi dress..Thanks for this! I love my mc speedy 30 too :)

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