Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Splendour In The Bags..

a novel.
So I guess the title of this post is in memory of Natalie Wood's birthday week, and my favorite movie of all time, Splendour In The Grass ;)
Anyway, I've been sucked back into the world of handbags, wanting - I mean - needing a new one for.. functionality :) I let go of the thought of owning the much desired (by me) GUCCI Interlocking Medium Boston Bag because it's not as functional as I need it to be. It's a satchel that you can only carry by hand or at the crook of your arm, and the biggest reason of all? The hefty price tag. I'd feel bad after the fact that it's only been almost a year since I purchased my beloved LV Multicolor Speedy 30.
Moving on. So recently, I've learned a lot about Mulberry, more specifically the Bayswater in Crimson Spazzalato. Spazzalato leather is similar to patent leather, except it's not coated with a glossy finish, it's more of a matte patent type leather. Crimson is absolutely gorgeous in person, extremely light weight and when I came across the Crimson Bayswater at my local department store not too long ago, on sale but all beat up, I was determined to find one online for the same sale price, but not beat up.. and also to learn more about the type of leather in general.
As much as I'd wanted to add Crimson Spazz to my collection, I decided against it mainly because of reviews I'd read on it being very much high maintenance. I want a bag I can use day in, day out, and not just once in a while. Especially at the price it's going for. Who wants to spend over XXX amount on a handbag and not be able to use it? Not me.
This is the gorgeous (to me) Spazzalato Crimson Bayswater by Mulberry. :( Almost purchased. :*(

Now on to the bag I recently brought home, at 60% off retail, and half the price of Mulberry's Bayswater Crimson Spazz, I'm SO excited about this one! It's the London Grande (pictured here in the color Lipstick).

I purchased Black Crinkled Patent (pictures of my London Grande Black Patent will be posted soon), and it's lOve, lOve, lOve.

It's by Treesje and is everything I've been searching for (except the gold clutter of studs): crinkled patent leather; contrasting lining (I hate black exterior and black interior-I'm clausterphobic like that); 6 different zippered pockets/separate compartments makes it very functional and still lightweight; can be carried by hand or over the shoulder; extremely lightweight, OH and did I mention that it's super lightweight?

The only thing different I'd like to have changed on my Black Patent is the color of the studs. Pictured above, Lipstick London Grande looks like the studs are Gunmetal right? Well on Black Patent it's..Gold. It's kind of a drawback, but at 60% off and perfect to me everything else, it was well worth the splurge :) I'm happy. You're happy. Or not. But still, everybody around me will be happy ;p

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  1. Wow, is it really lightweight Nattie? I really like it. Very cute!