Thursday, July 23, 2009

my VERY random WANTS.

it may be hard to picture this lingerie set w/the pumps, but somehow in my random thinking (inside my head), i feel like this would make a CUTE outfit, walking around your house in the heat of summer hell just for fun. trade in the flip flops, shorts n' tee or tank for this, for just one day. while your boyfriend is visiting, staying over, *helping* around the house?
i just love this, it's a fun piece :) perfect for your next 4th of july bbq in your backyard!!

i lOve this purple trenchcoat. i want, want, want it! and it's on sale. at plasticland!

i. need. these. cute vintage looking maryjane pumps.

i'm a sucker for cute summer dresses that remind me of the kinds of dresses i wore at nine years old :)

this high heeled open toe platform patent pump in this seagreen color looks hideous maybe by itself, but i think it'd look sexy with a cute top, skinny black jeans or tights and voila. i die for these too. well, not die for them. they're $42.00. i can budget for them :)

i would lOve to have these types of platforms in all colors available.
of course i'm loving this Treesje Turner Bag in pumpkin i think is the color?

i decided i want this vintage style button up jacket too. would look SO cute w/dark wash jeans and either cranberry flats, OR, black flats.

again, another summer dress i love that i could wear now, but is reminiscent of my childhood days. just love that vintage look..
for summer.

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