Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Treesje Possessed o_0

In my previous post, I rambled on about my new lOve for Treesje's London Grande in crinkled black patent, except at the time, I had only found images of Lipstick (pictured below). I lOve the gunmetal studs on the Lipstick hue, but I love the crinkled black patent soo much, that the gold studs don't really phase me.

So this evening, I found images on a handbag site featuring the color I did buy!! London Grande in Crinkled Black Patent :D

^ Back of London Grande has a zipper in back which fits my cell phone, antibac, pens & my keys.

^ Front side with studs (eventually grew on me), has one inside zipper which holds a small notebook, small lotion, pens... small essentials.

^ There are 3 Main compartments which are spacious and functional. The outer 2 zippered compartments also has additional patch pockets for cell phone & pda, and also has 2 inside zip compartments for odds & ends.

^ Interesting fact: Inside lining is made of Bengaline Silk & was fashionable for women & children's clothing in the late 19th century. I love the contrasting color of lining against black exterior.

Bengaline silk is a woven material which became fashionable for women and children to wear in the 1880s and 1890s. It offered the impression of genuine silk but was actually made with lesser amounts of silk than cotton. Lizzie Borden stated at her December 1892 inquest that she was wearing a dress made of bengaline silk on the morning she was accused of murdering her father and stepmother.
The fabric tended to go out of fashion when completely smooth-surfaced materials became popular.
Pique, coachman's whipcord, diagonal serge, and surah are similar to bengaline silk. Surah was once know in France as silk serge.
Bengaline silk sold for $2.50 per yard in 1889 but was sometimes discounted to sell for $1.25 per yard. A heavy lined, long cloak for infants, with deep bengaline silk embroidery, retailed for $7.98 at a
Manhattan, New York clothing shop, in 1893. Diagonal striped dresses featuring the fabric were popular in the spring of 1912.

^ Although I'm aware that this isn't the most gorgeous treesje handbag, and the gold studs seem so bright and flashy... they do blend with casual outfits well enough for day to day. The crinkled patent leather is just lOve, lOve, lOve-crush to me. Just - To Diiiiieee For!

^ I've discovered something dangerous ==> Treesje!


  1. I love it Nat! I want to see pictures of yours though! ;)

  2. I want to see pics of yours, too. Do these come with silver or gunmetal studs? Maybe I have to give treesje a second look after all..hmm...