Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weak at the knees.

so, thought i'd be able to resist another handbag purchase til my bday month, or even Xmas, but i'd suddenly realized that i'm just too weak at the knees.

shopping with friends is just dangerous. shoulda just skipped the outing, but didn't, and in the process fell weak in the knees for a Mulberry handbag. will this cycle EVER end? hope so - and soon!

oh, to clarify, i didn't do the damage YET, and that's exactly what i mean. i'm trying with all my willpower to stay focused and disciplined here. SOS!!


  1. ^ thank you for the reminder, hahahah, i needed that swift kick in the arse.

  2. I love the large Mulberry Mabel for a travel bag. Saw it on Keira Knightley's airport style once and have been sold ever since... I do flashy thing myself everytime I consider getting it, though. :)

  3. that's exactly what i must do everytime i consider it..flashy thing with a hard pinch ;p