Friday, July 3, 2009

NEWS FLASH: retail therapy WORKS!

So, a friend and I had unexpectedly ended up at Nordstrom today. We were supposed to put blinders on and just walk through Nordie's and go straight to parking lot after taking advantage of the great deals at Old Navy and Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale, which ends Sunday. We were too weak. I think subconsciously we parked at Nordstrom for a reason. After deciding we would hit Starbucks and go home, we ended up at Nordstrom...for two hours~!
But look at what I scored today!!!
And to justify my purchases (in my head of course).. I must remind myself I deserve it because I've decided NOT to get the GUCCI bag or any other bag; to just be happy with the bags I have and put them to good use ('til Xmas or my Bday month) ...and since I just SOLD a Louis Vuitton item of mine...I have extra spending ca$h :D
Justified? Yup, Check :)
So, about the dress below. I was able to fit myself in this Junior's dress (I know what was I thinking shopping in the teenaged girls section?? I'm NO teenager - BUT - miraculously the dress fit, it was cute, and best of all? It was on sale!)
*all images below of items I purchased from Nordstrom dot com*
so you can buy online if you don't have a Nordstrom local to you :)
or go to your local Nordstrom tomorrow to get good sale prices :D
Fire Belted Maxi Strapless Junior Dress, $42.00
(see, $120 cheaper than the one I got at Macy's)

Nadri Bezel Necklace in Rhodium, LOVE this necklace :D

TOYWATCH, crystal & metal collection in Rose Gold

Sadly, I contemplated getting these GUCCI sunglasses, but ultimately decided against it. My sunnies are still functional...and are almost decided to save here.
But aren't these "GUCCI Oversized Sunglasses gorgeous??", *sighhh*

Callisto "Jordi" Sandal, sooo worth the price.
- rows of sparkly rhinestone
- napa leather
- cushioned thong for comfort
- made in u.s.a.
need i say more??
i bought black, but they do have them in white & silver.
but the black went with maxi dress best (as pictured)

As soon as I came home, I put maxi dress in handwash cycle and placed in dryer, tumble dry low, and VOILA, my outfit is ready for tomorrow to celebrate July 4th. YAYYYY. I'm SO ecstatic. Now I've gotta decide which bag. RM MAB, perhaps?



  1. Ah...looks like it was a lovely shopping trip, indeed!