Tuesday, November 10, 2009

mascara LIED to me.

magic mascara? don't we all wish...

recently i've been on yet another annual hunt for "the" perfect mascara. i don't know why i still go through this dilemma when i thought i said to myself i found "the" perfect one last year (chanel inimitable).

i was suckered into all the new flashy mascara ads from lancome to loreal and bought one, then two, then three different types.

here's what i bought, thought of, kept and threw out.

l'oreal paris telescopic mascara.
i decided i needed to be on an ultra strict budget since my recent car purchase drained me, and i mean draaaaaiiiiined me.
but was i really saving a lot by listening to my inner thoughts which told me that mascara is mascara whether you buy it at walmart or nordstrom?
i thought i was wise in spending only $8.00 on this thing (regular price was $11.00 BUT i had a $3.00 off target coupon yay!)
well the coupon didn't matter.
first, let me say that my lashes are pretty dull on it's own. i so envy brooke shields for her long, voluminous and lengthy lashes! anyway, i put this l'oreal telescopic mascara in carbon black - and no miracle there. it felt ultra stiff applying it, it dried too quickly to be able to even apply a 2nd app, which i really needed! it definitely defined my lashes by separating them giving me the porcupine eyelash look - but did it give me lustrous volume like it claims? was it smudgeproof like it claims? nope.
i had raccoon eyes after 5 hours. so, this sucker got tossed out fast. what a waste of money!!
(dollars wasted $8.00)

givenchy's eye fly lash extender mascara.
when you think of "givenchy" [juh-vahn-shee], don't you think of audrey hepburn and glamour and breakfast at tiffany's? well, i do. just like how i associate gucci with jackie O.
anyway, don't believe givenchy (or sephora's people): "Eye Fly's secret weapon to perfectly even lashes is the patented helix brush that has short bristles to coat the lashes from root to tip and long bristles to separate, lengthen, and curl. This innovative formula combines three unique complexes: ExtraFly Complex to create an "airy sensation" that lifts each lash to wing-like perfection, Xtender Complex for maximum lengthening and separation, and ColorFly, an infusion of mother of pearl particles specially treated for lashes that shimmer with lovely highlights."
that's a bunch of bologne.
well it was for me anyway. it smudges, the pretty and clear container cracked within a week, and it wasn't dropped or smashed - it just cracked. it separated but lengthened as long as l'oreals telescopic mascara thing.
(dollars wasted $24)

laura mercier
well this claimed to non-clump. and well, it lied. it clumps.
(dollars wasted $20)

chanel inimitable mascara.
so, i'm back to square one. i should have stuck with what i knew and shouldn't have thought grass would be greener on the other side and blah dee blah blah.

chanel's inimitable is worth the $30. had i stuck w/this, i could have saved myself let's see, 8 (l'oreal at target) + 24 (givenchy) + 20 (laura mercier). oh. my. gawsh. i just realized i spent an additional $52 just to figure out that the $30 pricetag on chanel's mascara is well worth every droplet of that beautiful, gorgeous, noir color. it lenghtens, volumizes, does not clump, and makes me feel like my eyes actually have natural long, thick and strong lashes. like a magic wand and fairy dust worked wonders with just 2 strokes.

one minute ordinary eyes; next minute, seductive - or sassy - or just more dramatic. i can't explain other than the fact that i just feel like my eyes stand out more, like one of those Nightmare Before Christmas characters.
(dollars worth it $30)

so why oh why do i feel the need to try Yvez Saint Laurent's Mascara Singulier. It's claiming to dramatically separate, curl and volumize lashes. Where've I heard that before? Ugh, it's $30. Ugh, it looks like it could work. That's the key word isn't it? that it could work, not that it necessarily will. i should pay attention to the name of YSL's new mascara too: "Singulier", catch the last four letters: "____LIER". it's a sign. it should be a no-go!

i need to be flashy thingy-d!!! help? ;)

Yvez Saint Laurent's Mascara Singulier.

(potential dollars to waste? $30 + tax)


  1. flasshy!!

    I'm currently using NYX Doll Eye and I love it!
    Also love Max Factor Volume Couture, but they will not e selling MF in the states as of 2010.
    I'm stocking up!

  2. oh no T, i need to try nyx doll eye - love that name!! wait, why aren't they selling MF in the states starting 2010?

  3. you should try it, it's my new fave!
    i guess MF doesn't sell well here?