Monday, October 26, 2009

anthropologie OBSESSED.

ladies & gents, i've been recently obsessed with frequenting anthropologie (sale section mainly) after a visit to paper-source. usually while going into anthropologie, i put on side blinders and speed walk my way down to the way end of the store (sale section), but once in a blue moon - like in the last few days - i've been having to stop dead in my tracks for something that would just fly out at my face. for example, this scarf pictured above. i LOVED it, knew i HAD to have it, but of course was afraid to look at the price tag. figured it'd be about $98.00, but was i completely SHOCKED. it was not $98, it was $38, and sooo soft and pretty and butterfly-fluffy. i had to have it. so i bought it, washed it, flat dried it and wore it. it's LOVE. i love it. and surprisingly enough, i've gotten many compliments on it over the weekend. LOVE it.
if you don't have a local anthropologie boutique in your area, you can get it online here ==> Bubble Wrap Scarf


  1. OMG, I love that scarf! It looks soooo sooo cozy....sigh. :)

  2. I love that!!! What a great price, too!

  3. Oh my! I want to see an action picture!