Sunday, November 15, 2009

miffy does fashion.

this is the cutest thing EVER. who woulda thought. miffy does fashion and is all grown up. ;)
chloe: ✓, burberry: ✓, louis vuitton: ✓, prada: ✓, ralph lauren: ✓
kidding. i dunno, but looks to me like this sketch has miffy at new york fashion week written all over it.

remember miffy? the orginal? created in 1955 as nijntje (originally in dutch).
well i wasn't born yet for the org. piece but yeah.

hard to imagine the simple bunny with the simple dress becoming a fashionista - but what a fun spin off for a story.

(one of) my hero(es): dick bruna, author & illustrator of miffy. it all started with a sketch of a white bunny who had no gender in the beginning - then he decided to make the bunny a girl. his toddler inspired DB to write and illustrate the 200+ miffy books. yay for all of us!

the end.

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