Sunday, November 15, 2009

sometimes sad, sometimes glad: tokidoki

so usually i fall for cutesy stationary hello kitty & co type things. last year i came across a hello kitty cactus girl wallet pouch thing at sanrio (hello kitty store) and found it was designed by tokidoki for hello kitty, much like how rebecca minkoff did a limited edition hello kitty handbag and wallet set, but anyway, didn't think much beyond that.

for those that don't know about tokidoki, it's another handbag/accessory line. designer is simone legno. a youngish italian designer who has a deep love for japanese culture (according to wiki).

usually i'd associate tokidoki designs/characters with skulls, fangs, scary but colorful characters (see first image below). so i wasn't all that interested in having some asian painting of a girl character on a bag i'd be carrying around with me. also, the skulls and such somewhat frightened me a bit, and the little plants with fangs. not even my little sister cared for it much!!

but then tokidoki came out with something that called out to me! the 'pegaso' line :) when i had to walk through macy's to get to the inner part of mall - i stopped dead in my tracks and gasped: i saw tiny unicorns/clouds/etc. i thought happy thoughts which took me back to when i was... NINE! i thought not of tokidoki's new design patterns, but of unicorns (i think of she-ra's pegasus); the last unicorn (book & movie); and who could forget about rainbow brite's starlite, the flying horse!!

so basically, this post is about my first ever tokidoki messenger bag i just bought. you'll see it below. just scroll :) *happy thoughts* ;)

this is why i never bought a tokidoki bag before. not that i'm knockin' it - i just didn't care for design..

though some of the characters are cute, the fangy plants and skulls kinda' freak me out on a handbag. stationary, ok, but not on handbags (for me anyway).

gaaaaasp: cute clouds with big smiley face, pegasus/unicorns/flying horse type things...and no scary plants with thorns and fangs? and no asian girl throughout design of bag? this bag's for me! ;)

so this was their lv "speedy" type bag. i did consider this, but it was too tiny. cute - but tiny. so this one was a no-go.

so i got the messenger bag style below but not in the cute astronaut design pictured, i got it in the "pegaso" design (image above)...

and i lOve it. course i was shocked because i thought the bag would be less than $50!! i thought le sportsac type bags were inexpensive..
guess not tokidoki's? :(

*unicorns should be worth it though right.*


  1. OMG! It's so cute!! How much was it in the end? Unicorns are definitely worth something. :)

  2. chuck, sadly, onehundredtwentyeight.
    but yes, well worth it indeed.
    i've never had a character type bag pOp out at me like that y'know? ;)

  3. Have you checked out the forum for Tokidoki? They have their own subsection. I remember going in there and my eyes bugging out when I saw how highly priced the bags were. Sorry, I go off into tangents so much.

    I really like the'Pegaso' line Nat! So cute! You'll have to do a thorough review on how you like it and borrow someone's camera! ;oP

  4. i'm scared to check out that tokidoki forum. i was lucky in that, when i got the pegaso messenger bag there was nothing else in that line available for purchase as far as small accessories go. that would have gotten me in trouble ;)
    you know what's funny though? i didn't look at the freaking price tag because seriously? i thought le sportsac type bags were $20-$30 tops. so i went to register expecting to pay around that. when the lady told me the price, um, my eyes did what you did when you saw the prices on tokidoki's subsection ;) so i stood there with steve staring at me like, "oh hell that's expensive for that little thing"...and i said, "oh but the unicorns are SO worth it!"
    and poof, magic wand waved, i got it <3 i love it <3 and promise as soon as i get a camera or get mine fixed i WILL splatter pics all over everywhere :)